ShapeMaker v4.4 Beta
January 20, 2006
Version 4.4-v53, expiration date 06/06/2006

ShapeMaker technical support is now available
from Bio-Logic at a rate of $150 per half-hour.

Bio-Logic ShapeMaker Support

Download the current software:

ShapeMaker44_Setup.exe (3.1 MB) Full Install, single file.

ShapeMaker44_Update.exe (921 KB) Update Only.

What's new in this version?

  • Revision number now displays in lower-right corner.
  • SprayPaint tool has been added to Tools/Utilities menu.
  • AK Adjust At Levels has been added to Tools/Utilities menu (for adjusting AK shape by measurements).
  • Region reshaping has been changed significantly to easier visualize changes to region boundaries. You can also now right-click while editing a region to rotate the shape.
  • Lighting option has been added to the Edit/Preferences menu (for adjusting lighting model parameters). Also, default lighting parameters have been modified to show more subtle details on the surface. (Please let me know if the new settings are an improvement, since this is very subjective.)
  • Web menu has been added. The contents of this menu can be easily modified by editing the WebMenu.ini file in the Prefs folder.
  • Spinal-by-Measurements is currently disabled pending resolution of some quality issues.

Please email me with any feedback as to the current feature set and to report any bugs.

Call me at 510-865-1815 with any questions about operating the new features.

Jon Harlan
Bio-Logic, Inc.